Ten Principles of Reduction

A compendium of concise yet detailed guidelines and principles, carefully crafted to aid designers in the creation of general minimal aesthetic in the art of reduction.
The book cover and the publication included,are both sized to the proportions of the Golden Rectangle, known as the divine proportions to acheiving aesthetic beauty. The poster, set and screenprinted on fabric, allows the principles to come in handy. It is long-lasting, and versatile compared to the traditional use of paper that tears and crumples easily.

The fabric poster is available for purchase from SGD 20 over here.

Reduction refers to the act of reducing, simplifying and minimizing distractions from what is truly valuable or essential, purging all unnecessary details and adornments. It is not about making something new or astounding. It is an exploration of the relevance and effectiveness of the reductive approach, and to create methods, objects, and designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also comprehensive, functional, and efficient, giving us more time to focus on more important things in life. This project covers the timeline of the practice of reduction, as well as identifying certain issues of clutter and inefficiency, that can be improved through the application of the principles of reduction.


  • Book Cover
  • Publication Design
  • Poster (Screenprint on Fabric)