Sex is Healthy But It is No Child’s Play

A message that speaks of the seriousness of sexual intercourse and how lightly it has been taken by youngsters that this complacency may in future, or as you are reading, has already happened right before our very eyes that we are too oblivious to see it or we may have not chosen not to even be the slightest bothered by it.

The phrase ‘child’s play’,  has a double meaning to it. Literally speaking of sex being something that is easily done, and also of being an anti of child eroticism, pornography,  or actually everything that has a child involved in sexual activity.

Inspirtation of the message comes from Chapter III of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, which the cohort was tasked to read, digest, and visualize the image of where the excerpt of the book had taken place in, the time and era, and the various assumptions we can make of the chapter.

This infographics poster is based on the editorial and the message of Sex is Healthy But it is No Child’s Play. 

Research was done to gather facts, statistics and actual figures with regards to the benefits of sex. The research and topic was narrowed down to focusing on the amount of calories lost from foreplay to coitus and lastly to putting on clothes, that is the entire sexual intercourse, and  then it follows on to finding the amount of calories lost from various sports and physical exercise.

The infographics poster bears information of the lowest possible calories burned from sexual activity to the highest and compares the total amount of calories lost to that of other 13 sports and physical exercise. The conclusion from the comparison was crystal. Sex, is indeed healthier and burns more calories than physical exercise. So, go forth and get your sex on.


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