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Identity, Motion Graphics

The idea of branding a Taxidermist/Taxidermy company came to mind as an inspiration from the 1960 film, Psycho. There & Back Again, is a fictitious Taxidermy company that vows to reunite deceased pets with their owners and never to leave them again. However, the company does not only specialise in conventional preservation of animals and their skins but fabricate them into objects that we, common folks, use in our everyday life.

Backstory: There & Back Again was established by Marc, a budding designer of only 20 years old, who has a penchant for craft and artistry. Marc has an unseparable relationship with his pet cat, Koko, who he spends immensive amount of quality time with every day, regardless of how hectic his schedule for school was. But, like all good things will come to an end, the passing of Koko was inevitable. Marc, instead of mourning in the death of his feline buddy, was actually more excited than he was upset. He took the oppotunity, and with his passion for crafting, and an average knowledge for taxidermy, he transformed his dead cat into a back-pack! The back-pack received overwhelming responses by classmates in school that Marc actually started receiving orders in his waiting list, which in turn, became a business venture that led to There & Back Again!